Sooooo done! ✅ Feeling good considering I basically told myself all day I was too sore to workout, but then decided at 10 PM I was too determined to quit on day 4. Lol!  I swear we just lie to ourselves. Tell ourselves we can’t do things knowing we actually can…convincing ourselves being sore isn’t an excuse for pure laziness.  Or maybe I just do that…? 🤔 Can’t  speak for everyone I suppose…

Tonight Nicklaus worked out with me. It’s his last day as a 3 year old & we do what we want, so yep he was up working out with me, imitating all the moves, and telling me we HAD TO DO THIS at 10 PM! ❤️ I wish y’all could hear this child of mine and how he’s so incredibly smart, knows just when to say what (and when not to say it but says it anyway…🙄😂).  When I said I was tired, he told me he knew I was but that I had to keep going.  At the end of the workout he told me he was so proud of me and that I earned the special badge! 😍 Phrases he picked up from a cute series on Netflix but his context is spot on. So Day 4/80 is complete and in about 30 minutes my 3 year old turns 4.  Pretty perfect. Xo lovies 😎

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