Day 1/ 80 – That’s right, finally posting again.  Y’all know I usually have too many words and could go on forever about any given topic, but I am going to focus on keeping these posts short enough that you’ll be interested in reading.  There isn’t an easy way to say bad things, but that doesn’t mean hard truths shouldn’t be stated.  I spent the last year at my former company reporting to a fear based leader who was also a sexist.  I do not want this to be a reflection on my former employer, but yes it is true that when you allow toxic individuals into an organization, they will claw everything on their way down.  I focus on gratitude and so I am thankful for the opportunity I had there to learn a lot of valuable industry information, make great friends, and make a positive impact.  I’ve eagerly been pouring myself into my new position at my current employer over the last six months and am more confident in the direction of my career.  It’s been almost 11 years working for this industry and I have never stopped building.  I want to share a little truth I fully believe: NEVER stop giving your best, focus all of your energy on how you can ADD, know your worth, know true colors always show, and toxic people bury themselves.

Here I am…31 LBs heavier…as I ate and drank myself through anxiety and a little depression.  Today marks Day 1/80 of a new Beachbody program I started, 80 Day Obsession. I am determined to feel my very best again!  I have joined up with other Beachbody Coaches to run a challenge group where I myself will participate as a challenger to prove to myself I CAN and I WILL.  I will be sharing along the way…and maybe my next post will be shorter.  Xo

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