Feeling muscles

Day 3/80

Feeling muscles I forgot I had.  OUCH Day 3 hurt.  Apparently, I really do have abdominal muscles somewhere under my skin in my stomach region.  The workout today was the longest 40 minutes everrrrrr and strength sliders are so uncool.  I want to pass on a little goodness from our challenge group.  One of the lead coaches made such a good point…where is your gratitude for being ABLE to do this stuff?  To be able to move?!  SOOOOO true!  Having the ability to move and transform your body is such a gift.  It also stuck out to me because that mentality made it on to my vision board this year.  MADE TO MOVE.  I am made to move.  I was not made to sit in front of a TV.  Even though I know these workouts are going to get more challenging and even though I am likely in my worst physical shape ever, I can still do this.  Gratitude mindset is such a positivity shift and it feels good to be thankful.  While I am thankful daily, I am going to think of ways to flip negatives into moments of thanks.  I have way too much to be thankful for…try it and see how your entire perspective changes.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

My house is such a mess…OR…Thank you God I have a house full of clothes to wash, dirty dishes because it means I have food, dirty floors because it means my boys played outside, and a house period (it’s freezing outside)!

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