A pole dancer is a lot of things, not limited to a stripper.

Over the last year + of becoming a Beachbody Coach, I have had the opportunity of meeting so many different types of people…mostly women.  I’m a huge believer that every new person you meet, every new experience you have, leaves a footprint in your path.  Think about it, who you are to one person never entirely matches who you are to someone else.  You are you, YES…but our personalities are made up of not only those individual characteristics unique only to us, but also our responses/reactions to those who interact with us.  Which leads me to this special human pictured below.IMG_0002_1 copy

Antoinette is also a Team Beachbody Coach.  She is a lover of education (has a Masters degree), a lover of food (she married a chef!), a lover of spiritual wellness and healing (speaks to my heart), and a lover of fueling her body like the Temple that it is!  One of our first interactions was Antoinette challenging me to step out of my comfort zone.  She invited me to her birthday party, but this was no dinner date at a hot spot downtown.  She is pole fitness artist & invited me to a private pole fitness class (wine included!) & we wore clothes lol. . .!!!  I admittedly knew close to nothing about pole fitness.  I had the understanding that it was difficult & the obvious…strippers use their naked bodies paired with pole fitness abilities in order to get cash.  I had NO IDEA it is an actual fitness movement!  People actually study and practice the art of pole fitness and sculpt their bodies.  It takes incredible upper body and lower body strength to master the beautiful twirls, drops, climbs…there are pole fitness competitions!  I have never tried anything like that before!

IMG_0008 copy

I not only learned something completely new, I was also challenged to think outside of my narrow view of what a “pole dancer” actually is.  A pole dancer is a lot of things, not limited to a stripper.  My interaction with Antoinette taught me pretty quickly, that our friendship would not be one of comfort zones.  We have some similarities, but probably more differences & through the discomfort of leaving comfort zones, we both have the opportunity to learn from each other & grow.  You can check out other photos from this shoot by visiting www.facebook.com/collectionbyclaribelphotography & you can follow Antoinette on her fitness journey by following her Instagram @thehealthyprofessor and staying tune for her updated website.

Xo, Claribel

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