Fotografia :: Katie & Kyle

Love these two pretty people so much!  I’ve known Katie since she was a little girl riding her bike barefoot all around our neighborhood.  I always wonder if big cities have all the feels small towns do…

IMG_8597 copy

There are the cons to growing up in little college towns, but one of my favorite things is that I have so many childhood friends I stay connected with as an adult.  I watched Katie grow up and get in trouble with my little sister.  Now they’re all grown up and I’ve gotten to experience watching them turn into strong, fiery women.  Social media has taken some of the mystery away from life, and while some hate the fairy tale photo streams, I choose to relish the opportunity to view some of the most happy times in the lives of those I love!  So for your viewing pleasure, check out this image of Katie & Kyle at a friend’s wedding…I was lucky enough to capture these two in their engagement and wedding photos as well…they’re truly dreamy together. Xo, Claribel

IMG_8599 copy

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