Never Miss a Monday

Day 8/80

STRONGER today!  I slept terribly due to a sick babycakes and it took some coffee to get my day going this morning, but I pushed through!  I felt more comfortable eating every 2-3 hours and I drank half my body weight in ounces of water.  GOAL!  Also, I was brave and increased my weights and resistance bands today for 2 of 3 rounds of the 60 minute workout.  Can I be real with you?  60 minutes is sooooo long.  I am a 30 minute workout girl and that’s why I was successful with 21 Day Fix!  It was just short enough that I didn’t quit and was encouraged to keep going!  You can get access to this program on Beachbody on Demand.  If an 80 day commitment seems overwhelming, you could always start with 21.  What I am learning by doing 80 Day Obsession and these longer workouts is to focus on 1 day at a time.  I am not going to worry about Day 80 right now…it will get here soon enough.  Today I worked on Day 8 and finished it!  My sister and my friends are also committing to this program and having their support and encouragement has been extremely helpful and made this more fun! 🙂

I did not have results like some of the challengers in our group.  Many lost between 5-10 LBS.  I GAINED.  Here’s the thing, all of our bodies are different.  It’s not uncommon when starting to work out with an intense workout regiment to have inflammation which will cause the scale to go in the wrong direction.  I know I have to trust the process no matter how frustrating that first weigh in was for me.  AND back to that Whole 30 mentality of NOT stepping on the scale and obsessing about that number…there are other ways to measure success and I’m sharing some this week.  Thanks for visiting!

If you want to read more about post new workout weight gain, take a look here, and/or here, and/or here!

Feeling Good!

Day 7/80

Wellllllll, it was not perfect, but I accounted for all of my containers.  Had several chips with guac and a few whole grain crackers with cheese.  Definitely walking that fine line between my goals and my sanity…but you know what?  I have to do what is best for me.  Weekends are going to be tough for me…especially without a little alcoholic beverage.  I did make it though!  The first week was not perfect but it is done!  Overall I am happy with my food choices and the fact that I worked out 6 days!!  That 7th day of rest was GLORIOUS!  Autumn Calabrese taught me how to properly use a foam roller to roll out those sore muscles.  Over 1 year and 5 months my focus shifted from self love and commitment to survival mode.  Life became almost entirely about work and what was left of me was for my family.  I lost touch with my own needs and consoled myself with beer after 5 PM.  My weekend habits stretched into the weekdays and I barely got rest.  I’m so happy about 2018.  I’ve made a decision to take care of myself again & that feels good!  If you want to know more about this awesome program, check it out here and let me know if I can answer any questions!  Beachbody on Demand is what we like to describe as the Netflix of workout programs.  There is so much content.  Full workout programs and nutrition plans, a show all about cooking clean eats, behind the scenes footage, and so much more.  It’s $99 for a whole year of access and you can stream from anywhere!

First week…the shift.

First week is practically over…6/80 and day 7 is a recovery day, almost here!  I have a felt my mindset shifting this first week and I am really happy about that.  I haven’t been stepping on the scale because I don’t want to be discouraged by the number if it isn’t shifting right away.  I am not one to generally do that, but I remember when I did Whole 30 how not stepping on the scale was such a big part of it and how it was liberating to remove that as the main indicator of success.  I have some BIG goals for 2018 and getting into a wellness routine I can maintain is one of them.  It’s hard to look at pictures from just over a year ago and realize how much I have undone.  It makes it really difficult to focus on the present if you’re living in the past, so I’m doing my best not to let it get me down.  I have a long way to go to feeling my best but I have the tools and accountability partners to help me succeed.  It’s a matter of showing up every day; I CAN do this!  There are seven days in a week and someday isn’t one of them.

This post is going to be a little long, I can feel it.  Having a clear vision is a big part of the way I live.  It helps me create the environment I can thrive in and positions me well for when I am faced with curve balls.  Anyone else spend time visualizing steps that need to be taken in order to achieve BIG goals?  My overall wellness is actually one corner of my vision board for 2018, but I have goals for several aspects of my life.  For my home, I am in a place in my life where I want to declutter and live more simply.  I tend to place emotional value on material things and after a while I have realized it really weighs me down.  I have noticed that when I give in and clear a space out with a trunk full for donations, it is freeing and makes that space more peaceful.  In 2018 I am breaking down my home by rooms and decluttering to make space for peace.  In January the master bathroom and my office space are my priority.  Little by little, I want to create a more simple life for myself and for my family.  I know we will all benefit from this material cleanse.  It really is, just stuff.

My family is my world.  I want to be my best so I can give my best to them.  Being a wife and mother truly is my personal legend.  Ever since I was a little girl I envisioned being married and creating a life full of love and experiences that made for everlasting memories for myself and my loved ones.  Not kids exactly.  I had a clear vision about being married.  Having a husband and creating a wonderful life.  I fell into the mother part without seeing it coming and it has been the best thing that ever happened to me.  For a long time, I told myself having that dream was too small and that I had to go out and do more so others wouldn’t think I was just this small town girl without aspirations.  It took me a long time to stop caring what other people were thinking about me.  Do I suffer from the occasional worry of, “what would she think if I…” of course I do…everyone has insecurities sometimes.  However, I am much more myself today than I was 10 years ago and that shift came from when I became a mother.  In the early years after becoming a mother I was faced with a choice:  Do I care more what strangers think of me & how that makes me feel OR do I care more how my words and my actions make my children feel?  As soon as I said those words out loud to myself I knew right then I would never be the same. 

My family is EVERYTHING.  My God gave me such a gift because I wanted this with my whole heart.  The universe conspired with me to help me attain this.  SO I WILL FIGHT FOR IT…I will not be afraid to say what I know is true: This is what I have always wanted and the love I pour into our family will be my legacy and that is enough for me.  Have you ever read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho?  It was life changing for me.  Put it on your reading list.

This year I want to take the boys tent camping.  I’m a Florida girl through and through (Puerto Rican by birth) and Florida raised.  Being outside is part of who I am and want to pass on to my boys.  I am also set on taking them to a big city.  We went to Chicago when the twins were 5 but I was pregnant with Nicklaus so he didn’t see Chicago…definitely tasted their deep dish though, lol.  I’m feeling a plane ride for Nicklaus in 2018…it’s on my vision board.  Mostly I want to fill 2018 with more experiences than ever before.  I do my best and within our means to provide that for them every year as spending time with them fills me with so much happiness and in 2018 I am taking it to the next level.

With work too.  Next Level.  I have been working for almost 11 years to be positioned where I am right now.  It is exhilarating and exhausting and I have so many emotions (mostly positive) about it all so far.  It’s been almost 6 months and I have learned so much.  I love learning.  I especially love being surrounded by solution creating people…and that is where I am.  Our team is FULL of people looking for ways to improve processes and create solutions.  We work hard and we work smart.  You cannot speak for everyone, obviously…I’m talking our core team…I am fired up.  The only thing better than investing yourself, caring, showing up, and being determined to make an impact is being surrounded by people who want those same things.  We cannot be stopped.

That’s where I’m at y’all.  That’s 2018 in a blog post.  And lastly, but most importantly, I cannot be stopped because I am the daughter of the King.  Looking up and praying hard for direction to remain on a path of love.  When you act in love, BIG things happen.  I have seen this in my own life as well as others with this shared perspective.  My God, He’s the man.  He gives me what I need to move forward and a perspective I can have confidence in.  I am excited for a year of growth where I invest my heart and gifts in the mission of the MOMS group from our church, giving back more, showing who I am more, and being completely unafraid of being the whole package.  I was created in His image.  He will never leave me nor forsake me.  This is the life I was meant to live.



Day FIVE got me like 😫!!!  It’s just been such a LONG week and I always look forward to a beer or 2 or wine or somethinggggg…but not this weekend.  I DID have a roll today and a slither of birthday cake and I feel 100% great about it 😂!!!  My littlest turned 4 and we went out to birthday dinner celebration.  I strategically saved all of my yellow containers for today to make that dinner a reality for me.  I had soda water with lime, a 6 oz. filet, green beans, a house salad with no cheese, no croutons, and salad dressing on the side.  Nutrition on point at restaurants can get tricky and that’s why I prefer to eat at home when I’m focusing on clean eating.  Either way, I knew today was going to happen and gave myself a little room to indulge without sabatoging my first 5 days.  My entire body is exhausted and sore from this intense week of consistent exercise, but I’m strong and I can! 💪🏽💪🏽 Enjoy your weekend friends! We have some fun plans in the works for our three boys and can’t wait to continue to celebrate our little fire cracker turning 4 all weekend long!



Sooooo done! ✅ Feeling good considering I basically told myself all day I was too sore to workout, but then decided at 10 PM I was too determined to quit on day 4. Lol!  I swear we just lie to ourselves. Tell ourselves we can’t do things knowing we actually can…convincing ourselves being sore isn’t an excuse for pure laziness.  Or maybe I just do that…? 🤔 Can’t  speak for everyone I suppose…

Tonight Nicklaus worked out with me. It’s his last day as a 3 year old & we do what we want, so yep he was up working out with me, imitating all the moves, and telling me we HAD TO DO THIS at 10 PM! ❤️ I wish y’all could hear this child of mine and how he’s so incredibly smart, knows just when to say what (and when not to say it but says it anyway…🙄😂).  When I said I was tired, he told me he knew I was but that I had to keep going.  At the end of the workout he told me he was so proud of me and that I earned the special badge! 😍 Phrases he picked up from a cute series on Netflix but his context is spot on. So Day 4/80 is complete and in about 30 minutes my 3 year old turns 4.  Pretty perfect. Xo lovies 😎

Feeling muscles

Day 3/80

Feeling muscles I forgot I had.  OUCH Day 3 hurt.  Apparently, I really do have abdominal muscles somewhere under my skin in my stomach region.  The workout today was the longest 40 minutes everrrrrr and strength sliders are so uncool.  I want to pass on a little goodness from our challenge group.  One of the lead coaches made such a good point…where is your gratitude for being ABLE to do this stuff?  To be able to move?!  SOOOOO true!  Having the ability to move and transform your body is such a gift.  It also stuck out to me because that mentality made it on to my vision board this year.  MADE TO MOVE.  I am made to move.  I was not made to sit in front of a TV.  Even though I know these workouts are going to get more challenging and even though I am likely in my worst physical shape ever, I can still do this.  Gratitude mindset is such a positivity shift and it feels good to be thankful.  While I am thankful daily, I am going to think of ways to flip negatives into moments of thanks.  I have way too much to be thankful for…try it and see how your entire perspective changes.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

My house is such a mess…OR…Thank you God I have a house full of clothes to wash, dirty dishes because it means I have food, dirty floors because it means my boys played outside, and a house period (it’s freezing outside)!

Friends are where it’s at.

Day 2/80

If there was a Mondayest Tuesday ever, yesterday was definitely it.  Getting crazy real…I hate messing up.  Specifically w/regard to work.  I can admit when I mess up.  I can apologize.  I logically know it is impossible to NEVER make a mistake…but still, it kills me a little on the inside when something is missed and it is my fault.  I had one of those days yesterday.  I retraced every step to see how and when and why I could have missed a step but nothing stood out.  Luckily, no one died!  EVERYONE LIVED (unless you consider my soul…legit bleeding out…).  Tragic flaw, but it took me the full day to move on.  I have to say, I ate my broccoli, I didn’t fall into a vodka bath, and I got my day 2 workout in on Beachbody on Demand.  It’s kind of intimidating to join in on an 80 day challenge, but I am part of a huge accountability and support group full of friends (and strangers) all just pushing each other forward for some serious 80 Day Obsession results!

SHOUT OUT to my friends!  Karen (sister and bff is total plus), Adriana, and Raena for listening and building me up so I could MOVE ON.  Linds, thanks for telling me to punch something instead of crying…lol, need a punching bag for that one!  Can’t stay in a negative place for long if you’re building.  Also, have to shout out all of my MOMS GROUP friends!  We had a meet up around a fire-pit, shared some wins, shared some goals, shared some laughs, and thanked God together.  Talk about a fill-up!

YO TUESDAY LISTEN UP!!!!  “A setback is nothing but a setup for a comeback!” -Willie Jolley <<—– Good one Willie.


Day 1/ 80 – That’s right, finally posting again.  Y’all know I usually have too many words and could go on forever about any given topic, but I am going to focus on keeping these posts short enough that you’ll be interested in reading.  There isn’t an easy way to say bad things, but that doesn’t mean hard truths shouldn’t be stated.  I spent the last year at my former company reporting to a fear based leader who was also a sexist.  I do not want this to be a reflection on my former employer, but yes it is true that when you allow toxic individuals into an organization, they will claw everything on their way down.  I focus on gratitude and so I am thankful for the opportunity I had there to learn a lot of valuable industry information, make great friends, and make a positive impact.  I’ve eagerly been pouring myself into my new position at my current employer over the last six months and am more confident in the direction of my career.  It’s been almost 11 years working for this industry and I have never stopped building.  I want to share a little truth I fully believe: NEVER stop giving your best, focus all of your energy on how you can ADD, know your worth, know true colors always show, and toxic people bury themselves.

Here I am…31 LBs heavier…as I ate and drank myself through anxiety and a little depression.  Today marks Day 1/80 of a new Beachbody program I started, 80 Day Obsession. I am determined to feel my very best again!  I have joined up with other Beachbody Coaches to run a challenge group where I myself will participate as a challenger to prove to myself I CAN and I WILL.  I will be sharing along the way…and maybe my next post will be shorter.  Xo

Feeling(s) :: (1) an emotional state or reaction. (2) a belief, especially a vague or irrational one.

All up in my feelings people…and some of them have not been so good.  I am a true extrovert.  I love talking and engaging with people, learning about them, over-sharing, digging.  When I’m quiet it means two things (1) I am sleeping or in some form of exhaustion or (2) I’m sad, down and out, anxious…overwhelmed.  I am thankful because I am generally just happy.  I am positive, see the good, excited, energetic, talkative, loving life, moving forward . . . but then sometimes, for no particular reason, or maybe all the reasons at once, my battery is out.  I will wake up and feel gloomy.  I have moments of light and clarity but those moments are easily dimmed.  This last time, it really wore on me.  It lasted more than the usual bad few days or long week…it was more like 6 weeks of unexplained sadness.  After thinking about it, I finally put my finger on some of the triggers…

(1) Vacation was over.

(2) School was starting . . . summer was over.

(3) I missed my little brother, it hit me just like a ton of bricks that while he remains a call away, NY is a lot further than 34th Street.

(4) My car broke down…in 3 increments…resulting in repairs almost reaching $2,000 which we were not anticipating.

(5) I went from completing a Whole 30 to eating and drinking like you do . . . on vacation . . .

(6) Pressure from work.

(7) Sleep regression with Nicklaus.

(8) September 11th

(9) National News . . .

(10) The light in the kitchen going out (yes really…this was so annoying and was not a simple fix).

1st world problems?  Sure I will take that…but it was one thing after another and my spirit was just beat up.  I was doing all the stuff I usually do to cheer myself up.  I was talking with my husband and FaceTiming my siblings and BFF… praying, going to Mass, listening to good music, playing with my kids, buying overpriced coffee and paying for the car behind me, reading uplifting books…nothing was clicking.

I was not eating balanced and I was drinking too much alcohol, that’s for sure.  I am certain this did not help.

It took an unexpected Team Beachbody commission check in my account on a Thursday morning (September 15th to be exact) & somehow my happy light came on!  I cannot really explain why…but from that Thursday morning, I was back.  I’m writing all of this because I tend to overshare the good and quiet down when things aren’t going my way.  In my effort to lift others up, I never want to pretend my life is somehow perfect & I have everything together.  I don’t.  I am thankful that I have all I need and more wants than I deserve…and a support system of family and friends who are all amazing…but even still, sometimes I have to reset and recharge.


(1) an emotional state or reaction.

(2) a belief, especially a vague or irrational one.

Have them, don’t let them consume you.

Never look around and compare your every day to someone’s highlight reel…people tend to show and share what they want you to see.  We all have a battle or 2 or 99…let’s stop competing and support one another.  I promise the ride is so much better this way.

I am 8 days into the Beachbody Country Heat program with 22 to go, before I start another goal.  Find something that sets your soul on fire & never let go.  Inspiring others does this for me.  I pray you are encouraged today – this too shall pass!

Selfie – this last Sunday after Mass – which was perfect.


A pole dancer is a lot of things, not limited to a stripper.

Over the last year + of becoming a Beachbody Coach, I have had the opportunity of meeting so many different types of people…mostly women.  I’m a huge believer that every new person you meet, every new experience you have, leaves a footprint in your path.  Think about it, who you are to one person never entirely matches who you are to someone else.  You are you, YES…but our personalities are made up of not only those individual characteristics unique only to us, but also our responses/reactions to those who interact with us.  Which leads me to this special human pictured below.IMG_0002_1 copy

Antoinette is also a Team Beachbody Coach.  She is a lover of education (has a Masters degree), a lover of food (she married a chef!), a lover of spiritual wellness and healing (speaks to my heart), and a lover of fueling her body like the Temple that it is!  One of our first interactions was Antoinette challenging me to step out of my comfort zone.  She invited me to her birthday party, but this was no dinner date at a hot spot downtown.  She is pole fitness artist & invited me to a private pole fitness class (wine included!) & we wore clothes lol. . .!!!  I admittedly knew close to nothing about pole fitness.  I had the understanding that it was difficult & the obvious…strippers use their naked bodies paired with pole fitness abilities in order to get cash.  I had NO IDEA it is an actual fitness movement!  People actually study and practice the art of pole fitness and sculpt their bodies.  It takes incredible upper body and lower body strength to master the beautiful twirls, drops, climbs…there are pole fitness competitions!  I have never tried anything like that before!

IMG_0008 copy

I not only learned something completely new, I was also challenged to think outside of my narrow view of what a “pole dancer” actually is.  A pole dancer is a lot of things, not limited to a stripper.  My interaction with Antoinette taught me pretty quickly, that our friendship would not be one of comfort zones.  We have some similarities, but probably more differences & through the discomfort of leaving comfort zones, we both have the opportunity to learn from each other & grow.  You can check out other photos from this shoot by visiting & you can follow Antoinette on her fitness journey by following her Instagram @thehealthyprofessor and staying tune for her updated website.

Xo, Claribel